Tuesday, September 20, 2011


-------August 2011, from Cherie (the correct pronunciation of which would be "sheh-REE" now) Dawn C., and she is,

The Lady Cherie Dawn C., born in Ripley, Tennessee, raised in St. Louis, Missouri, currently residing in Los Angeles, California, along with her daughter and 2 of her sisters, (of whom along with her non-California sisters, are all also very beautiful and very lovely and very beloved), and they are living within close distance of their unanimously chosen United States Western Coast Beach, of the Great and Magnificent Pacific Ocean.

In history, there has been no greater gene pool of beauty - and that would be both outward and inward beauty - there has been no greater gene pool of beauty than that of the C. Women from the Backwoods of Tennessee (CWBT). Ask any man who knows of any of them and he will agree with my words here.

And, if that man's pertinent CWBT is from his past and not his present, when you ask him of Her, watch him closely and you will see a flash of something in his eyes: You will first see an instant stab of pain in his eyes, which is actually a conduit of his - to now forgotten, but never fully gone - dormant heartfelt pain, which you of course, have just re-awakened in his heart.

Because, you see, when a C. Woman has Tracked you and selected you as Her Chosen one, you will be immediately in awe. Better and worse yet, you will be immediately rendered powerless when She Receives you. When She Receives you, you do not know it yet, but you have just lost yourself, and you have just lost who you are, or who you were, rather.

And if you have ever suffered the harrowing misfortune of being UnChosen by Her, well, it is akin to you're having been left by Her: By Her you will now have been left like.......

Like a serpent in shock: She has left you, and you are now like a serpent, in shock.

You, Her UnChosen One, have been left by Her, like a serpent in shock, with your serpent eyes dead, and fixed in a lock.

Because you swear, you swear, you swear: She was just there, She was just here, SHE WAS JUST HERE.

And now, She is gone. She is simply, and She is absolutely innocently, just gone.

She is gone now. She is Gone.

And you, Her UnChosen One, you have simply been left......Like a Serpent in Shock.

(Inspired, graciously borrowed and translated from The Band's composition, "Chest Fever".)

Friday, July 08, 2011